Sinus Precautions


Extractions: A Sinus Exposure is a perforation between the sinus cavity and the oral cavity. Sometimes removal of an upper molar can result in this condition. Spending the time and effort to allow your sinus to heal properly now will prevent the need for additional surgery later.

Implants: Sometimes we place Dental Implants partly into the sinus in order to create a stronger implant. This is not a sinus exposure, but it requires the same protocol to achieve excellent healing. Please follow these instructions.


For the next 21 days:

Do not blow your nose. Instead use a tissue to wipe away fluids.

Refrain from smoking as this interferes with healing.

To reduce nasal pressure, sneeze and cough with your mouth open and do not block or pinch your nostrils.

Avoid using a straw as this may reopen the wound.

Do not exert yourself. No lifting objects over 20 pounds. Do not bend over.

Use over-the-counter sinus sprays if you feel congested.

Depending on your needs, you may be prescribed an antibiotic medication, antihistamines, nasal sprays or decongestants. Use these products as directed.

If you experience unexplained drainage, increased swelling or pain, air or fluids passing from the mouth to the sinus, contact us immediately.